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Marks of The Helsingfors (Finland) Mint managers
Volume of mintage for Finland 1864-1917.(Word file)
Scandinavian scale for grading coins
Picture of Helsingfors Mint 1870
Picture of new Helsinki Mint in Vantaa (since 1988)
Picture of Stockholm Mint 1950. Struck trial coins in 1863
Picture of 1st Finnish Mark
August Fredrik Soldan - 1st Managing Director of the Mint of Finland
Raimo Makkonen - last Managing Director of the Mint of Finland
List of Goverment Decrees on coin production
1860 - Manifesto of March 23 (introduction of finnish mark russian copy)
1860 - Nominal decree of June 12 (about production of silver coins and currency russian copy)
1861 - Announcement of May 8 (about drawings of coins russian copy)
1865 - Statutes on the Mint of Finland of March 1 (russian copy)
1865 - Nominal decree of November 8 (about coins in Finland russian copy)
1877 - "Law about coin" of August 9 (russian copy)
1917 - ?? of March 21 (April 8) - about removing crowns
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